Project BG161PO003-1.1.06-0089-C0001 Research of a functional model of a new generation computer interface for sorting, grouping  and management of data objects on a computer device.

General Description

The Elido JSC project constitutes a research in support of the development of a new generation graphic user interface (GUI) based on a method for visualization, grouping and management of data objects through the realization of a movement graphically representing their level of relevance to defined criteria on a device display. This gravity interface aims at bringing the ways of handling data on computer devices to the natural human ways of communication with the palpable surroundings. In this way it will make software products more intuitive and significantly reduce the time and knowledge needed to find desired information. Preliminary assessments show that it could reduce this time up to 90 per cent especially for complex searches and searches on large data structures.

The project purpose is to research the functional model of the interface which includes the thorough observation of the behaviour of the programme modules and connected databases to the aim of optimising the communication of the model with external data structures, different databases, to determine the hardware requirements for its execution, and optimise the communication of the user with the interface making it more intuitive and user friendly. As a result of the project Elido JSC will produce documentation that will facilitate and accelerate the practical implementation of highly competitive software products for handling data based on the new generation interface as well as its integration in existing software products in order to improve their functionality.

The duration of the project is 24 months in which time the team will produce two versions of the programme modules and connected databases, a report on the interaction of the user with the interface, a report on the hardware requirements for its reliable execution, conclusions for the needs of future software developments and a public database with the raw research data.

The expected result within 2 years of the conclusion of the project consists in higher efficiency and lower technical risks in the development of applications based on the interface while it becomes significantly more competitive on the innovative interface market and finds implementation in commercial applications.

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