Development and Research of a New Generation Graphical User Interfaces

New generation Graphical user interfaces interface is based on three innovative a methods, developed in house. We believe that they can change the way users interact with computer devices and significantly reduce the time and knowledge needed to efficiently perform data sorting, grouping and management tasks. These are:

  • Method for visualization, grouping and management of data objects through the realization of a movement graphically representing their level of relevance to defined criteria on a device display

  • Method for the visualization, grouping, sorting and management of objects by means of a pointing device work plane management

  • Method for defining complex logical expressions by means of a pointing device

Project Interface

Development of Algorithms for the Extraction of Criteria for Sorting, Grouping and Managing Documents in Large Data Structures

In order to function most effectively, our interface needs algorithms derived from practice for the dynamic extraction of search criteria for large data structures based on the integration of international classifications and full text search results.

Development of Multi-User Functionality

In a multi-user environment the interface needs to allow sharing search results and settings, real time viewing of the actions of one user, simultaneous work of several users and all the respective functions like access levels, priority settings, and avoiding conflicts, information loss and system errors.

Researching the Integration of Available Operations According to Object Types

The scope of the interface’s functionality can be widened beyond sorting and searching by integrating options for performing operations on the objects on screen. These operations may be available through both the operating system or application the interface is integrated in or through external applications or web pages.

Project BG161PO003-1.1.06-0089-C0001 Research of a functional model of a new generation computer interface for sorting, grouping  and management of data objects on a computer device.

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